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Vintage 1940's Pathfinder Duo-Camper Canvas Tent The Hettrick Mfg Company Scout,Nice Vintage Hettricks 12' X 9' Canvas Wall Tent,Vintage Coleman Classic Canvas Tent Springbar Model 8481B830 10 x 8 Camping Camp,VINTAGE COLEMAN CANVAS CLASSIC SPRING BAR TENT 10 X 11 VERY NICE CAMPING HUNTING,Kodiak 7206 Canvas Short Truck Bed Full-Size Tent,Montana CANVAS Outfitter camping wall wedge Tent with WOOD / COAL STOVE frame, Military 16' X 32' Vinyl/Canvas General Purpose GP Medium Tent W/Pole ,WENZEL PATRIOT 12 x 9 LIGHT CANVAS CABIN TENT,Vintage Treated Canvas Cabin Family Tent 12'x9' Eureka Chateau,Vintage 1970s Coleman 8'x10' American Heritage Tent 8490-711 Canvas Camping ,Tent Vintage Cabin Design Non Canvas American Camper Size Is 11' 5" X 8' 2",